I forgot how much I missed lucky charms

Replaced my keycaps yesterday to a very satisfying set from Drop. I love this set. It’s the DROP + BIIP MT3 EXTENED 2048 CUSTOM KEYCAP SET. The sculpted keys are definitely more my style. I’m sure typing on my MBP’s keyboard is going to feel so much worse now but oh well 🤷

When you get bored, the “big” camera comes out to take pictures of the pets. Be on the look out for more photos.

Settlers of Catan’t Even podcasting adventure

I have now started a podcast. It’s called Settlers of Catan’t Even. My friends and I discuss conspiracy theories, current events, and more while playing a game of Catan each week!

Since we are playing a game of Catan on the Switch, I capture my game while we talk and record and add that to our YouTube channel so that people can watch and listen like they were watching a game of Catan.

This is my second podcast, but it’s the first where I’ve been in charge of choosing a host, getting social media together, and putting the video element together. It’s been a good experience, but it has now become something that I only want to do.

Making Money on the App Store

I just wanted to share this tweet from an indie dev I follow on twitter. The thread and comments are worth a read when questioning why an app is paid or free or has in app purchases. If the app has servers like for logging in or weather data, then that’s a reoccurring expense on the developer, and they need a way to make that money back so the app lives on.

I have both a free app (Universe Converter) and a paid up front up app (iHog). iHog got shared by High End Systems and has been able to pay for itself this year, but not for the website, luckily I also write blog posts that have allowed me to break even. Universe Converter hasn’t made any money, but I do get at least 5 downloads a week. Anyone who has used it and found it useful hasn’t tipped anything. I’m not expecting anyone too, but it’s hard to make money on the App Store. It’s hard to break even on the App Store.

This isn’t a post begging you to give me money. It’s a post to explain that there are costs involved and making money on the App Store is hard.

2 weeks strong of at least 1 walk every day. I say this is a win. I’ve noticed my sleep get better and my weight go down slowly. The dogs have also been more mellow in the day and look like they are getting slightly smaller (one of the main reasons to start walking)

Interesting Times

I went work from home in the middle of March. My industry basically stopped over night once COVID-19 hit, so my time has been freed up a bit more.

How have I been filling my time now?

  • Live webinars for Hog (this is put on by ETC/HES)
  • More app development
  • Live streaming games (this happened once, but it’ll continue)
  • Using PluralSight to learn new things

I need more ideas for app development, since I’ve shipped 2 apps but both are dependent on the lighting industry. I had started on another idea, but I stopped and don’t know if I want to continue with it just because there is another app out there that’s widely known. I also need to flesh out the idea more.

I’ve found some extra time this week, so I’ll be live streaming some code work in about 10 minutes. Watch on my Twitch channel!

I’m starting a monthly recap newsletter! The first one will be sent out 4/1! It’s about app development, summary of my blog posts and videos, and some other things I’ve found interesting. Subscribe here!

Work from home day 4

Today went smoothly, but I need to move more during the day. This means walking around.

Tip for the day: drink more water! You get hydrated and move more!

I didn’t move as much as I wanted to due to meetings, but I did drink two large cups of water, which caused me to walk around the house a bit.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go for a walk around lunch time.

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Work From Home Day 3 of ??

It’s Friday! Yay. I have now worked 3 days at home. I’m still getting used to it, but I think next week will go very smoothly. I have my desk laid out in a way that works for me, which took some time each day.

I’ve found my focus to be a bit better than being at the office, but I think it’ll increase now that I have a project. Having a set project makes me focus a lot more than just answer emails and the phone.

Now, let’s enjoy the weekend and I’ll write another update on Monday!

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Work From Home Day 2 of ?

After work was a lot better today. I think it’s because I had game night planned with friends. Don’t worry we still kept our social distancing. We actually all stayed home and used Discord to screen share Jackbox and talk. It worked alright, but it definitely could have been better.

My take away: Have a plan after work!

This is now going to be my new plan. Whether it’s to walk to “game night,” either way it will give me something to look forward to after work.

Tomorrow, I’ll leave the house in the morning to take the dogs to the vet, but that is the only reason I’ll leave. Let’s see if that makes my day a bit better. I’ll report back tomorrow.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to tweet me at @maeganwilson_ or use micro.blog!

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Work From Home Day 1 of ?

First day working from home was a success. I ate breakfast, which I don’t usually do, and lunch at home. I usually eat out for lunch, so besides not spending money on gas, I’m also not spending money eating from a fast food place or Wholefoods. After lunch, the wife and I took the dogs on a 30 minute walk. It was a good break away from the “office”, since I didn’t leave the house otherwise. I worked on work related tasks pretty much the whole time, and my video calls went off without a hitch. I’d say the first day was a success.

After work, I helped my wife with a puzzle, helped make dinner, played chess, and video games. I realized it’s going to be a long 3 weeksish. It’s only going to be long because I realize I shouldn’t/can’t go anywhere due to store closings. If I did this normally, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to be home all day.

I’ll post again with my thoughts after tomorrow’s work from home day!

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Helping the Entertainment Industry

One of the industries hit by COVID-19 is the entertainment industry. Festivals, gigs, performances, and conferences are being canceled, which is hurting the people who work those events. To help the people being affected by the cancellations, I am going to donate all of March’s proceeds I receive from my apps, Buy Me a Coffee, or Patreon to Behind the Scenes.

If you are considering purchasing an app of mine or supporting me another way, go here to do one of those and know that your support this month will be given to Behind the Scenes.

If you feel inspired to donate directly, then please do!!! Here’s the link to the Behind the Scenes donation page.

2020 Goals for iHog

I know this is a bit late, but I really launched the app in January, so I figured I should think about what the rest of my goals are for iHog.

General Goals for the App

✅ Pay for the Apple Developer Account (Completed in February)

✅ High End Systems shares the app (Completed in February)

⬛ Pay for the SquareSpace Account for the website

Features I want to release this year

✅ LED feedback to the front panel

⬛ MIDI support for the soft keys around the displays

⬛ Support for keystroke Macros

⬛ DIY pages where users can customize what’s on the page

Thanks for reading what my goals are for iHog! Please share iHog with everyone you know!

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Day 1 is going strong! #Hog4 🐷

Travel day today! I’m off to Orlando to do some Hog 4 console training!

Live Streamed iHog Development

I live stream streamed iHog development. I’m trying to do one live stream a week. I will usually do it on Mondays, but some weeks life happens and pushes the live stream back a couple days. It happened this week!

Go check out my live stream by clicking here!

My Twitch can be found here!

That’s a lot of Command Keys.

Asking app developers what are your responses to not supporting a platform? I’m getting asked to support Android, but I have no interest in doing it. I don’t use Android, and as much as I would want to learn the platform it would require a lot more time than I have. I’d rather put that time towards making new features for iOS since that is where I’d use the app.

Day 3 📸 Reflect

Vegas hotel rooms have lots of mirrors for lots of reflection.


Day 2 of 📸 challenge! Sight


Time for Day 1 of the photo challenge! Today’s theme is Open!

New travel requirement. My hotel must have a water park in it. Bonus points if there is an arcade!

🧭 Trip 2 of 2020

I kicked off trip number 2 of 2020. It’s a 4 day long trip in Cape Cod.

This has been a short travel day, but I still feel like it’s been long. This is probably due to the fact that I spent most of the day on a plane without a long layover. The flight into BOS was cool because the airport is right on the water, so as we landed we got really close to the water. It was really neat to watch.

I’ve noticed while out and about, that I’d much rather pull my iPad out and use it like a lapto than my actual laptop. I’m not sure why exactly, but I love responding to emails on my iPad and doing other things to kill time. I can’t do any iOS development on it, so I still end up opening my laptop when I want to do that, but other than that I think the iPad is my main device especially when traveling.