First day working from home was a success. I ate breakfast, which I don’t usually do, and lunch at home. I usually eat out for lunch, so besides not spending money on gas, I’m also not spending money eating from a fast food place or Wholefoods. After lunch, the wife and I took the dogs on a 30 minute walk. It was a good break away from the “office”, since I didn’t leave the house otherwise. I worked on work related tasks pretty much the whole time, and my video calls went off without a hitch. I’d say the first day was a success.

After work, I helped my wife with a puzzle, helped make dinner, played chess, and video games. I realized it’s going to be a long 3 weeksish. It’s only going to be long because I realize I shouldn’t/can’t go anywhere due to store closings. If I did this normally, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to be home all day.

I’ll post again with my thoughts after tomorrow’s work from home day!

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